Our strategy

Enbridge’s 2015 Strategic Plan, unveiled in October, is a road map to the future, with a five-year planning horizon stretching from 2015 through 2019. It sets out the various actions required to enable Enbridge to achieve its vision to be North America’s leading energy delivery company.

The 2015 Strategic Plan reflects the new dynamics of the energy business—the near-term challenges of low commodity prices, a rigorous regulatory and permitting environment, and intensifying competition.

The 2015 Strategic Plan provides the foundation for all that we do at Enbridge—how each business, and each employee, can make a contribution—and supports our purpose of fueling people’s quality of life.

$38 billion in enterprise-wide growth capital

We have a $24 billion inventory of commercially secured projects to drive our near-term strategic priorities and initiatives. We also have $14 billion in additional risked potential capital projects, which may further extend our growth beyond our five-year plan.

Projected outcome: 11 to 13% EPS compound annual growth

The financial results of our 2015 Strategic Plan remain robust. Enbridge is positioned to extend its industry-leading growth in earnings per share (11 to 13 percent, compound annual growth) and cash flow per share (15 to 18 percent, compound annual growth) through to 2019. Our ability to execute on our secured growth platform, manage our costs and continue operating our pipelines safety remain critical to achieving our plan results.

Enbridge’s strategic priorities

1)   Drive safety and operational reliability

  • Safety and operational reliability remain our Number One priority; if we fail to meet these goals, we cannot achieve the outcomes laid out in our 2015 Strategic Plan
  • We are committed to strengthening the Enbridge risk culture, and ensuring we are leaders in safety and operational reliability

2)   Execute

At Enbridge, we have a significant and growing slate of commercially secured projects. While these projects are diverse in nature, the majority of project growth has been liquids pipelines related.

  • Our focus on project management requires us to safely deliver these projects on time, on budget, and at the lowest practical cost, while attaining the highest standards for safety, quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental and regulatory compliance
  • At the same time, as we grow our business, we must preserve our financing strength and flexibility. Effective capital market execution and strategies to optimize the availability of low-cost debt and equity are important, given our large financing requirements

3)   Secure the longer-term future

While we execute on the already secured projects, we cannot forget about strengthening our company’s longer term future. This involves:

  • Strengthening our core businesses in liquids, gas pipelines and processing, and gas distribution
  • Developing new platforms for growth and diversification in renewables, gas-fired generation, power transmission and energy marketing, as well as exploring international opportunities to invest in select energy markets

4)   Maintain the foundation

Achieving success means that we need to maintain a strong organizational and cultural foundation. This requires us to:

  • Uphold Enbridge’s values of Integrity, Safety, and Respect in everything we do as a company, and as employees
  • Shape, promote, and protect Enbridge’s reputation by building and maintaining public support in the community for our business activities and plans
  • Attract, retain, and develop our people, keeping our employee retention and engagement levels strong through execution of our talent management strategy and by building employee engagement levels

Life at Enbridge

We're constantly on the lookout for talented professionals and tradespeople of all skill levels and experience to join our team.

An interactive experience: Our North American assets map

Check out our interactive map encompassing the full scope of Enbridge's North American energy infrastructure—oil and gas pipelines, wind farms, solar projects, distribution systems, and more.