NEB Prescribed Area and Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations (Canada)

Enbridge is federally regulated by Canada's National Energy Board (NEB), and must comply with specific pipeline standards and regulations.

The NEB has established a 30-metre (100 foot) prescribed area measured from the centreline of the pipe to protect people, the environment and the pipeline.

The NEB’s Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations govern activities on or within 30 metres of the pipeline(s). Please click on the links to read our download:


If you are planning to excavate using power operated equipment within the 30 metre prescribed area, or use explosives, you must first contact Enbridge and obtain permission.

Alberta Energy Regulator (Alberta)

In Alberta, pipelines are regulated by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER),  formerly the Energy Resources and Conservation Board. The AER has established a controlled area for pipelines in the province. A pipeline’s controlled area is the land bordering it for 30 metres (100 feet) along each side, measured from the center of the pipeline.

If you are planning any ground disturbance activities within 30 metres (100 feet) of the pipeline, you must contact Alberta One-Call at (800) 242-3447 at least three working days prior to any work being started. Any ground disturbance within 30 metres of a pipeline must be supervised by trained Enbridge staff, who can safely direct the activity.

Click here to read or download the AER’s Safe Excavation Near Pipelines brochure.